11 Unsolicited Advice Of Divorcees to Married Couples

Better Marriage in DenverMany couples feel they haven’t done enough to save their marriage. If your marriage is about to hit rock bottom, then this advice from divorcees might help you hang on to the vows you made.

Many couples start their relationship with googly eyes, dreams and thoughts of happy-ever-after. It turns out, however, before they reach their first year anniversary, one of them has already sought the help of a divorce attorney in Denver and has filed for divorce.

Now that is one situation you don’t want to be in, right? So if you want to make your marriage last, here is some advice that divorcees gave on how to prevent your marriage from crumbling.

1. Choose Which Battles to Fight

You should determine the battles to pick and which one you should relent. Just ask yourself if the battle you’re going to pick is worth the agony of getting into a fight with your spouse or not. If your answer is that of the latter, then perhaps it would be best to back down.

2. Be Nice to Your Spouse

Yes, it does seem very simple, but when your spouse comes home late with the stench of alcohol in his breath, it can become hard to be “nice.” This is in the same vein if your spouse doesn’t care whether you’re home or not.

3. Keep the Fun in Your Marriage

Who says that you should not laugh or poke fun at each other after you have already said the marriage vows? Just try to remember how your spouse’s smile was the one that magnetized you towards him.

4. Accept your Differences

Haven’t you realized that if you’re looking for a spouse whom you “want” rather than whom you’ll love, then you’re better off with a robot for a partner? Robots can follow everything you want it to do, but your spouse, he’s human, and he’s got his own set of characteristics.

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5. Be Appreciative

Try to see and appreciate the little things that your spouse does for you. It is also in the same way that you just have to work on making your “bad” qualities better so you’ll be appreciated too.

6. Don’t Forget to Talk

Communication plays such a huge role in strong marriages, said Psych Central. The moment you stop to tell your spouse about your feelings, whether good or bad, would be the moment that you started to open the gates towards your relationship’s doom.

7. It Takes Two to Tango

The effort towards a successful relationship must come from both of you. It is, as they say, a two-way traffic. If it is just one spouse working towards the success of the marriage, then it is bound to simply fail.

8. Honesty is the Best Policy, Even in Marriage

Yes, it is in no instance that lying and distrust prosper between the two of you. Even if it hurts, you just have to be honest. If you love each other, you’ll find a way to work things out. Our Everyday Life mentioned that dishonesty prevents you from understanding one another, which could lead to deeper marital problems.

9. Listen

When you find yourself in an argument with your spouse, learn to listen and try to find a middle ground. The goal of an argument is to find the best solution, and not to determine who wins that round. Remember that it’s not a boxing match.

10. Don’t Neglect the Other Person

Don’t ever allow indifference towards your spouse grow. Indifference is very dangerous, and almost always leads to disaster.

11. Little Things Matter

Saying “I love you” doesn’t always have to come in a bunch of roses or a new Rolex watch, it can come from simple things like helping with the chores or simply doing the dishes.

Try to remember this time-tested advice for all married couples out there. These will help you keep the marriage bonds strong and avoid a divorce.