Leaving the Person Who Loves Only Themselves: What’s the Next Step?

Narcissist’s AbuseFor some people, being married to a narcissist is hard, but leaving would only make things harder – that’s what they think.

These people are no longer happy in their marriage but remain torn between emotions and circumstances. Many of them make the right decision: they leave the narcissistic partner because they felt unsafe or their spouse threatened the children’s well-being and security.

Getting out of this type of dynamic, however, takes time. Not all spouses trapped in the relationship can immediately seek help from a Long Island divorce attorney. It’s a struggle, but it’s also necessary.

Life with a Narcissist

People with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) thrive in their sense of entitlement. As a result, they make life difficult for partners and children who refuse to submit or show respect. Most people suffering NPD can’t empathize with others, which makes negotiations with them difficult.

Maintaining an amicable relationship or even co-parenting is more problematic with an ex who has NPD. In some cases, kids remain trapped in the middle as the narcissistic parent keeps the other one engaged in conflict.

The worst cases of narcissism include abusive behavior minus the remorse. They’ll apologize constantly, but they only do so to temporarily appease the offended party. Most of the time, they are not genuine. But if the victim falls for their trap, it’s another cycle of abuse.

Recovering from the Abuse

A number of people trapped in such relationships choose to break free, but recovering from the ordeal isn’t as easy as it looks. Small but sure steps make a big difference to a narcissist’s victim.

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The first step involves controlling one’s behavior. Everyone is responsible for their personal happiness. Abused spouses shouldn’t go through deals that make them uncomfortable. Instead, it is wise to adopt a civil and business-like manner when communicating.

Boundaries and minimizing contact with the ex is also advisable. Narcissists have high-conflict personalities. Instead of dealing with such people, abused spouses should stay away as much as possible to prevent persuasion.

An honest look at a narcissist’s behavior gives the abused spouse a better picture of their next step. By controlling their own behavior, they can break free from the former’s grip.