Parent vs. Parent: Prepare for Your Custody Case

Child Custody Case

Child Custody CaseGoing through a child custody case can be very stressful. It is an emotionally charged legal battle, which usually follows another nerve-racking case – your divorce. In spite of the complexities involved, it is important that you always keep your child’s best interest in mind.

Remember that every decision you make at this point will have an effect on your family for a long time. You can start by looking for the right child custody lawyer in Denver, legal professional suggests. In addition to having a good lawyer on your side, keep in mind the following things that can help you build a strong case:

Get in touch with people who will vouch for you

Get sworn statements from people who can vouch for your capability as a parent. You may request these from impartial, non-family members such as teachers, pastors, and other community leaders who can substantiate your active involvement in your child’s development. If your witnesses were able to prove that you have greater involvement than the other parent, you have a good chance of strengthening your case.

Avoid giving strong opinions about your ex

While it is expected that tempers would flare, always remember to keep your cool. Criticizing your ex will only put you in a negative light as far the court is concerned. You should also avoid speaking ill of your former spouse to, or in front of, your child. It may not help your case when the court decided to interview the child and ask him or her about your behavior towards the other party.

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Document your every effort

There are more to making your case that expressing strong feelings of love and responsibility for your child. There should also some tangible proofs to back you up. Think about documenting the amount of financial, educational, and physical support that you provide. The court is likely more inclined to hear what you do, not what the other party fails to do.

Ultimately, establishing a stable environment can add to the court’s favorable ruling. As much as possible, do not change jobs or get involved with activities that may disrupt your child’s routines. You should be able to prove that your home is ideal for raising a child.