Posting Bail Bonds in Livonia? Here are Some Determining Factors

Bail Bonds Signage

The last place one would love to spend their time is in a jail cell. If you are unlucky to get yourself in a jail cell, your concern should be how to get out as soon as possible. After your booking in police custody, you have a chance to post bail bonds here in Livonia for your release.

Bail bonds give defendants a chance to enjoy their everyday life as they wait for trial instead of being behind bars. According to the eighth amendment to the U.S. Constitution, judges should not charge unreasonable bail amounts.

Nevertheless, the bail bond amount should be high to make the defendant appear in court. So, what factors does a judge consider before arriving at a certain bail bond amount?

The Defendant’s History

Upon the bringing of an individual into custody, the first thing that police officers check is the criminal record of the person. The judge familiarizes with past convictions and pending cases at the time of arrest. Repeat offenders should expect to pay higher bail bond amounts.

Risks to Public Safety

A judge has the power to deviate from bail schedules should he or she deems it important. Should the prosecutor present an argument indicating the risk of releasing the defendant to the safety of the public, the judge may charge a higher bail bond than in the bail schedule.

The Nature of the Offense

The circumstances and charges of the offense play a huge role in determining the amount of bail. For example, felony charges attract a higher bail bond amount than misdemeanor charges. The judge also looks into other orders that the defendant might have violated during the act.

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These three factors are just some of the elements that determine the amount of bail bond you are likely to pay after committing an offense and seeking for release before the court hearings. Once the court has decided on the particular bail bond amount, you must pay the amount to the court.