She’s Got More Money: Wives Paying Alimony to Husbands

Spousal SupportWhen the marriage ends, wives who earn more might need to pay spousal support to their husbands. While economic power is a good thing for women, this can have a negative outcome in the event of a divorce. This is because it also means changing the traditional concept of alimony, with the higher earning wives giving spousal support to their husbands.

Changing Roles

Roles and responsibilities of spouses are now rapidly changing. Before, when wives stay at home to take care of the kids and run the household, husbands work to provide for the family. Research suggests, however, that women are the leading breadwinners in about 40% of the households. About two million men, furthermore, stay at home and take care of the kids while their wives go to work.

Support the Husband

The idea of paying alimony, of course, is frustrating for most women. In fact, divorce attorneys in Denver say that its purpose is to support the spouse with a lower income to get back on his feet. If the husband used to be a stay-at-home dad, he may need financial support to find a new job, get back to school, or get job training. Alimony can stop once the husband becomes self-supporting or financially stable.

The Issue of Gender

Some people think that this concept is unfair, but it isn’t actually. If the woman goes to work and the husband stays at home take care of the kids, it is just fair the wife may need to pay support. Gender should not be an issue because husbands who earn more pay their stay-at-home wife either way. They need to have the intention to go back to work and a desire to be financially dependent, however.

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When a woman needs to pay alimony, this only means that she is in a better financial position than her husband. This also means that she can be better off on her own than wives who need to adjust to a more restricted lifestyle after divorce. Higher earning wives won’t have to experience a decrease in the quality of their living. It is also best to think that alimony payments will give the husbands the right support they need towards self-sufficiency.