3 Zoning Disputes You Might Encounter as a Business Owner

Zoning DisputesDid you recently purchase a commercial property in an up-and-coming business site in your town? Are you planning to convert it to a restaurant or an office space? Before you do anything with it, read on to know the common zoning disputes you might encounter as a business owner.

Zoning Disputes Defined

According to real estate lawyers in Denver, zoning disputes may involve two private land or property owners, such as when two neighbors argue about their property boundary lines. However, these disputes can also happen between a private entity and a retail business or a local government and a commercial real estate.

Zoning Disputes Common to Businesses

Typically, zoning issues among business owners in Denver involve commercial properties near residential neighborhoods. They face disputes because of the following matters:

  • Building Height

Buildings that have heights that may obstruct views can be a source of a zoning dispute. Moreover, tall buildings may spark up a number of safety issues.

  • Business Signs

Businesses need outdoor signs to attract customers and increase their walk traffic. But when you place business signs in a location that obstruct other properties, you are risking your property for a zoning dispute. In some cases, signs that create a “cluttered” look in the neighborhood are also a cause for a zoning issue, even if you’ve placed them inside your property lines.

  • Parking Lots
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Zoning disputes can arise if your parking spaces have disrupted the residential appeal of the nearest neighborhood. Also, if the traffic gets bad in the neighborhood because of the high number of customers who bring cars to go to your property, you are at risk of facing a zoning complaint.

You can resolve zoning disputes on your own by talking with the other parties and coming up with an agreement. However, if you can’t resolve the dispute by yourself, you need help from a real estate lawyer, as the local court often intervenes in this kind of situation.