Basic Strategies for Fighting a Traffic Ticket

Traffic Lawyer in SpringfieldThe truth is that a person can accrue at least five speeding tickets in their lifetime. People are generally very afraid of the police, so they never make any attempt to give any explanation to them. The fact is, however, that if you consult a traffic lawyer in Springfield, then they will enlighten you on your rights regarding speeding tickets and how to fight it.

  • Basic steps to take

When you are sure you are not in the wrong, then do not give in to the urge to admit any guilt to the cop who stops you for speeding. Because the moment you say it was your fault the cop will use this admission of guilt in the court trial against you. It is advisable to just accept the ticket and simply go away. You can handle the ticket better when you get the opportunity to explain things in front of the judge.

  • Know your rights

You should enter the court trial only after you know your rights comprehensively. The first thing to remember is that you are entitled to a quick trial. The cop might resort to delaying tactics so look out for such delays. You are entitled to a fair court trial with a judge and not a jury. You are also entitled to a good traffic attorney to help you with the case.

  • At the trial

At the court trial, you might want to subpoena the police officer who was with the cop when he stopped you and gave you a speeding ticket. But it is best not to do this. That officer does not have any interest in you or your speeding ticket case. Usually, the only witness is the cop who wrote the speeding ticket. If you are lucky, this cop will not show up at all; and this is the best way to fight a ticket, as there won't be any conviction in such circumstances.

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Do not succumb right away. Instead, stand up for your rights and fight your speeding ticket.