Divorce: What it Can and Cannot Do

Couple holding a broken heart

Divorce movies may give you an idea of what to expect in marriage dissolution. The things you’ve seen on TVs and films, however, are mostly dramatized. If you are facing your own divorce, you need to keep your expectations realistic to avoid dissatisfactions when the settlement is over. You need to know and understand the things that divorce can and cannot do.

Here are some the issues divorce can settle:

Child custody. Both parents can decide on custody and visitations arrangement, but if the case is going to court, the judge will have to make all the decisions. Divorce lawyers in Denver note that these are based on the best interests of the child and other factors.

Property and asset division. This involves determining who should get what in divorce. This division, however, is not predictable. You will need to work with a lawyer to help you settle and negotiate with the other spouse.

Child support and alimony. Divorce can also help determine child and spousal support obligations. Support orders may depend on a number of factors like custody arrangements, the facts of the divorce, and the financial circumstances of both parties.

Here are some the things a divorce cannot accomplish:

Equal division of assets. You cannot expect an equal or precise distribution of assets and properties. Keep in mind that no two divorces are alike and decisions are made based on the available information or facts of the case.

Get back at your spouse. You cannot expect a court or a judge to punish all the wrongdoings of your spouse. Divorce, furthermore, cannot resolve all the issues you have or heal emotional pain. You will need to get help by talking to a therapist or joining support groups.

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Maintain living standard. Divorce can affect your financial situation. You cannot expect it to keep your standard of living from diminishing. The court can do nothing about it, as you and your spouse are living separately and supporting two households.

Divorce can be stressful and complicated, so it is best to consult a reliable divorce lawyer. This is way better than getting advice from movies or friends who know nothing about divorce laws.