Hire Great Candidates to Protect Your Business’s Interests

Business's InterestsManaging your own business involves having to let your employees take the reins from time to time, especially if your business is growing or branching out. You must also be able to trust your employees to continue performing even if you are not there.

Finding trustworthy employees, however, is easier said than done. If you've been in business long enough you probably know what this means. How many times have you had to let go of an employee because they were dishonest (i.e. stealing from you), they came in late every day, or were simply too lazy to do their job?

Although you must protect and respect employees' rights, this kind of treatment should go both ways. You must protect your business not just for your sake but for the sake of your investors, partners, customers and employees themselves.

The best way to ensure your business only hires good apples is to have a better, more thorough screening process. Here is some advice.

Choose an HR Manager and Staff Well

Your HR department is the gateway between you and prospective hires. This means the HR department should be good at its job of screening people and performing background checks. This also means you have a responsibility to pick a winning staff, from the manager to their people. Your manager should have the same intentions as you, but they should be able to explain and defend their position in case they disagree with yours.

Protect Your Company in Writing

To make sure your hires are worthy of the position, have them sign a contract that includes  the 90-day trial period standard . Remember, however, that this is voluntary; your applicant must agree to the trial period. If they are sure of their capabilities and their intentions are for their personal betterment as well as for the betterment of the company, they should have no problems signing this offer.

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Let Your Managers Decide

After the applicant has gone through the HR screening process, and before they sign a contract, have your managers screen them further, particularly the manager or supervisor of the department they'll be joining. This means a review of their qualifications and an interview to gauge their personality and professionalism, among others.

Getting top quality employees, especially the executives, is a serious undertaking. You should be knowledgeable every step of the way. This is your first step in ensuring you get only deserving applicants.