Holiday Crackdown: DUI Enforcement Steps Up this Holiday Season

Man Trying to Drive Under Influence of AlcoholThe United States has increased state and local warnings about the dangers of drunk driving to keep roadways safe for holiday travelers up until New Year’s Eve. As there has been an increase in drunk-driving incidents recently, traffic authorities have their eyes peeled for impaired drivers.

The Holiday Season: An Increase in Impaired Driving Crashes

The holidays aren’t a time for festive cheer for police and local authorities, as it usually sees a spike in DUI collisions and arrests. Holiday drivers, in fact, pose a real threat to society at large: there were 223 deaths caused by impaired-driving crashes in 2015 in Tennessee alone. The Madison County Sheriff’s office has partnered with Tennessee Highway Safety Office to enhance drunk-driving enforcement in their designated areas and minimize the occurrence of DUI crashes.

Finding a Designated Driver to avoid Accidents

While drinking during the holidays is part of the season’s festivities, citizens are encouraged to have a designated driver instead of trying to operate their vehicle while drunk. Even with enhanced DUI enforcement, however, accidents could still happen. Those that have been a victim of an impaired-driving accident may want to consult a DUI attorney for legal advice on their case.

Office of Traffic Security, Rhonda Craft, has suggested that holiday drivers download the Designated Driver VIP app, to help them find a safe ride when they have been out drinking.

Speeding Tickets Affect Insurance Costs

The financial impact of a DUI arrest is even higher than in previous years, and the new total comes as a response to the increased threat of impaired drivers during the holidays. A single DUI conviction can, in fact, cost a driver $10,000 or more, due to fines, towing fees, a loss of driver’s license, and other additional DUI fees.

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Finance site NerdWallet analyzed the average rate increase for DUIs in the country and, on average, found that there was a 62% cost increase in DUIs. Taking a cab or finding a reliable driver could save a person the insurance premium costs that come along with a crash.

The holiday season is seeing an increase in drunk-driving incidents, driving traffic authorities and local law enforcement to step up their efforts to help keep roadways safe. Drivers should also do their part by exercising more caution on the road to avoid any unpleasant accidents this season.