Alternative Investments

Woman presenting business plan to financial investor

When looking into making investments you may consider an investment into the alternative investment space as the returns on investments in that marketplace can be higher than those that can be found in retail investments which can be considered to be low at this time.

When looking at this space you may wish to consider a company like AMYMA who are an introducer of financial products based in the City of London.  They specialise in introducing individuals who are High Net Worth Individuals or Sophisticated Investors to investments with companies valued at between £5 and £500 million.

They employ a specialist team to select alternative investments using their many years of experience in these specialist sectors to prepare a list of selection criteria that each product we choose to include within their suite of products must fit with before it can be introduced to clients.  Additionally their FCA Partner Firm also approve and sign off any investment that they offer.

Their agents are trained to introduce you to investments that possess as many of the features that you have expressed are important to you as is possible.

Following confirmation that you meet the relevant criteria the investment provider will send you their promotional material directly and this documentation is designed to detail all of the risks and rewards, AMYMA will also be happy to point out not just the advantages but also the risks of any investment that they offer.

It is important to note that firms who operate in this area are not generally regulated, however AMYMA are regulated by the FCA but do not offer financial advice of any kind, we would recommend that clients who wish to receive advice do so by discussing their options with their own financial advisors.

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Most of the products they offer are suitable only for High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors and are not suitable for normal or retail clients.  Many products are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme which means that should they go wrong you would not be covered.