Do You Know If You Have a Product Liability Claim?

Product Recall

Product RecallIf you sustained injuries or damages from using a faulty product, you could file for a defective product liability suit. The claims have three categories: defective manufacture, defective design, or failure to give sufficient instructions or warnings on proper product use.

You can get help from reputable lawyers in New York City specializing in defective products cases if you feel that you have a valid claim that fits any of these three product liability categories.

Defective Manufacture

The most recognizable type of product liability case, defective manufacture applies when a product that caused the damage contains a manufacturing defect that could be potentially harmful. Either there was an error in fabricating the product, or there were problems in the facility where the product was made. The defect makes the specific unit different from others of its kind sold in the market. Examples include a batch of cough syrup that is tainted with a poisonous substance, or a moped with missing brake pads.

Defective Design

The design of the product is inherently defective or dangerous. The error is not due to an accident or error in manufacturing, but there is proof that the entire product line is inherently dangerous, whether or not the product that caused the injury followed the exact specifications of the manufacturer. Examples include sunglasses that fails to provide ultraviolet protection for the eyes, or a car model that tends to flip over when making a sharp turn.

Failure to Give Sufficient Instructions or Warnings

This claim involves the failure to inform the consumer adequately on the proper use of the product, which could pose a danger in some ways that are not known to the consumer. The product could also require special precautions for its safe use. Examples include a corrosive chemical for paint-removal that does not come with safe handling instructions, or a cough syrup that has side effects but is not labeled properly.

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Understanding the different categories of product liability claims can help you determine whether you have a valid claim or not. It will also determine the most effective strategy to use. Consult with a reputable lawyer specializing in such cases to help you answer the basic questions for a product liability suit.