From Paralegal Education: A Good Stepping Stone to Becoming a Lawyer?

Becoming a ParalegalParalegals help lawyers prepare cases by interviewing witnesses, doing research, and preparing the necessary paperwork for a case. This gives them an insider look into how the legal system works. Thus, a paralegal job can be an ideal job for people who wish to pursue a career as an attorney in the future.

Starting Off as a Paralegal

You can earn an associate degree in paralegal studies after finishing a two-year course of study. One can enroll in an online paralegal program or attend a school that offers such courses. Once you become a paralegal, you can work with an attorney become more familiar with legal terminologies. This familiarity will help you ace some law courses and even prepare you for law school.

The Journey to Law School

A bachelor’s degree is required to enter law school. Although you can transfer some of your credits from your paralegal associate’s degree, you’ll still have to enroll in additional courses to obtain your bachelor’s degree. Additionally, you’ll also need to pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) before you can enroll in a law school.

Benefits of Being a Law Student and a Paralegal

It is possible to stay employed as a paralegal while you study law. There are law schools that offer night, weekend, and online classes. Furthermore, some law firms encourage paralegals to further their education. Thus, they may offer you with a tuition reimbursement for a part or all of your law school fees.

Law classes won’t seem too foreign to you when professors discuss law terms and cases. The real-life experience gained from working in a law firm, coupled with the wisdom gained from practicing lawyers, can help you understand the law.

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While becoming a paralegal can help you understand the legal system, you’ll still need to graduate with a law degree and pass the bar exam to become an attorney. On the other hand, getting a job at a law firm can be easier. You can make use of contacts from your paralegal job who can help you achieve your dream job as an attorney.