How to Approach Driving: Discipline and Control

Driving Safety

Driving Safety in SpringfieldSafety on the road is everyone’s responsibility. The lion’s share of the responsibility, however, falls on the shoulders of every driver. Sure you can argue that it’s the government’s, but actually, the government can only do so much. The real people in control are those at the wheel of the vehicles that use roads.

Never drive under the influence

Your reaction time is severely compromised and your judgment impaired when you drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Never mind that it’s your first time, or perhaps the hundredth time you’re driving home intoxicated; an accident can happen to anyone. Know what’s better than having to phone your DUI lawyer in Springfield, IL? Not having to. Be a responsible driver and contribute to the education of other drivers by being a good example.

Never give in to road rage

Road rage can lead to many things, from giving the driver who cut you off a piece of your mind to giving them a piece of lead. In any case, this is not the way you should approach driving. Be the disciplined one, not the disciplinarian. According to Noll Law Office, giving in to your anger will not solve any traffic problems; it may, however, add to them. If you find that your road rage is becoming too difficult to control, see a counselor about anger management. Do this before you get into some serious trouble.

Never lose focus

Talking on your mobile phone, putting on makeup, taking a selfie, or doing a Dubsmash number should never be part of your routine while you’re driving. If you must answer a call, pull to the side (if it’s safe and legal to do so) or, at least, use a hands-free accessory, preferably one that uses Bluetooth instead of cables. Get up early so you can put on makeup before you leave the house. As for that #drivingselfie, you could snap a picture of yourself before that semi hits you from the side; and Dubsmash? Focus on the word “smash”. In short, use your common sense.