Medical Malpractice and Pregnancy: What You Must Know

Medical Practice

Medical Practice Before, during or immediately after birth a child may suffer from brain injury or the cerebral palsy birth defect. This condition has mild or severe symptoms but does not get worse as the child grow. With proper treatment and with the help of a highly experienced lawyer, legal professional Tyrone Law Firm explains that many may experience significant improvements.

What is the cerebral palsy birth defect?

This is a condition caused by brain injury or malformation and affects the posture and movement control. The child is not able to move its muscles in the normal way, because brain area that control movement is damaged. Besides, children suffering from cerebral palsy may have other problems such as learning disabilities, mental retardation, vision, speech, hearing and seizures problems.

What causes cerebral palsy?

  • Insufficient oxygen. Before delivery, if the placenta is not functioning well or tears away from the uterus wall, the fetus may not get enough oxygen causing cerebral palsy.
  • Infections during pregnancy. Some infections in the mother, caused by virus or parasites may cause damage to the brain resulting in cerebral palsy.
  • Prematurity. Premature babies may suffer from cerebral palsy. This is because the tiny babies may develop some bleeding in the brain, damaging the brain tissue.
  • Blood diseases. Incompatibility of the fetus blood and that of its mother can cause jaundice and brain damage. This will eventually lead to cerebral palsy.

Is it possible to prevent cerebral palsy?

Mostly, the cause is not known, and therefore, nothing can be done. However, some causes are known and in such cases, cerebral palsy arising from them can be prevented. For instance, Rh disease can be prevented if a pregnant mother receives appropriate care. In addition, a woman can contribute significantly to reducing the risk of preterm birth, through early monitoring and regular prenatal care. Again avoiding alcohol, cigarettes and illicit drug during pregnancy will go a long way in preventing this condition.

No one wants to see her baby struggle with movement and posture. By carefully monitoring the progress of the baby immediately after birth can help detect serious problems early enough for the necessary treatment.