Personal Injury Lawsuit 101: The Different Types of Damages

Personal Injury Cases in Provo

Personal Injury Lawsuit in ProvoThe types of specific damages that could be awarded in a personal injury lawsuit are dependent on various factors — the particular case type, state laws, and the exact circumstances surrounding the victim’s injury.

Generally, however, Provo personal injury attorneys list such damages as:

  • Compensation for all medical costs related to the victim’s injuries

This damage type must include all expenses that the victim incurred when receiving treatment for the injuries that the defendant has caused. This should likewise include other medical expenses that the victim will have to pay in the future.

  • Lost Earnings

This must include any payment for word days that the victim missed due to his or her injury, as well as when receiving treatment, and future earnings that could be lost due to temporary or permanent disability.

  • Pain and Suffering

Juries tend to award pain and suffering damages in large amounts so majority of insurance companies also tend to settle out of court. In settled personal injury cases, the insurance company will attempt to use a method such as a pain multiplier to estimate a reasonable and fair compensation for the victim’s pain and suffering.

  • Emotional Suffering

This could be proven by the victim through psychiatric records, as well as a post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD diagnosis or related disorders.

  • Wrongful Death

The victim’s family members are the ones who file wrongful death cases due to the victim being killed because of the injury or accident caused by an intentionally malicious act or negligence.

  • Loss of Consortium or Companionship

This kind of damage is awarded to family members, most usually a spouse, because the victim has been significantly changed — paralyzed for instance — or killed due to injury or accident caused by the defendant. This attempts to compensate family members for their lost relationship with the victim.

  • Punitive Damages

While punitive damages aren’t factored in every case or in every state, when they are, they vary from the damages discussed above. Their primary objective is punishing a defendant for his or her particularly flagrant malicious behavior.

In the majority of states such as Utah, there are limits or caps on some damage types. So if you’re facing a personal injury lawsuit, your best bet is to get an experienced lawyer to help you out.

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