Shifting Gears: Changing Your Career Path Today


CareerUnhappy with your current job? You’re not alone. The Conference Board, a nonprofit research group based in New York, reported that in 2013, just over 52% of Americans were not satisfied with their jobs. The percentage of American workers who were happy at work in 1987 was 61.1%. That’s a far cry from today’s reality.

The good news is you have the option to shift to another career if you really can’t take your current one anymore. Here are some suggestions.

Become a Lawyer

You can take some classes and work your way toward becoming a lawyer. Not exactly thrilled about the prospect of representing people in court? Think about becoming a corporate lawyer instead. The median salary of corporate attorneys was over $113,000 in 2011. It pays well and it does carry with it a certain amount of prestige.

Become a Paralegal

If a law degree is too much for you, but you’re interested in helping people with the law, you can become a paralegal. noted that paralegal training is available online, so you can become a paralegal even if your current situation does not allow you to leave home and stay inside a campus all day. It’s highly convenient, as you don’t even have to go through traffic, wear something nice, or be away from your family.

Paralegals help lawyers with different functions, like drawing up contracts and other documents and interviewing clients. Corporate paralegals are becoming more popular these days, as organizations are realizing that hiring paralegals is more cost effective in most cases than hiring lawyers.

Become a Salesman

They always say that the real money is in sales. If that’s a great motivation for you, then sales is the next career you have to consider. Do you like talking to people? That’s a plus. You can sell real estate, cars, or even your own products. With the help of the Internet, you can become successful with your own small business.

Shifting careers is challenging but not impossible. There are many careers out there waiting for you to try them out, so don’t stay if you feel stuck with one.