The Elements of a Federal Crime Investigation

Criminal Defense

Criminal DefenseFederal crime cases are significantly different from state criminal cases. From the investigation procedures to how courts determine the sentencing, every aspect of the federal criminal prosecution system is different.

How is a Federal Crime Investigation is Conducted?

First of all, the following crimes are under the jurisdiction of the federal government:

  • Crimes that occur on federal property or those involving federal officers.
  • Crimes wherein the crime has crossed state lines, for instance, a fraud scheme involves perpetrators and victims in different states.
  • Crimes where the alleged suspect has crossed state lines.
  • Customs and immigration violations.

How Long Will a Federal Crime Investigation Last?

Although the majority of cases handled by each state are quickly initiated following the occurrence of the crime, federal crime cases might be investigated for several months to years prior to the arrest of alleged suspects. Criminal attorneys in Houston, TX added that unlike most state crime investigations, almost all federal investigations involve extensive and close interaction between law enforcers and suspected criminals prior to making an arrest.

These seemingly friendly interactions occur in circumstances in which law enforcers don’t intend to arrest the suspect and are only after information that could help the case. However, it is extremely crucial to note that these law enforcers have drawn their own conclusion — the suspect is guilty of a federal crime.

In the event that a federal law officer contacts you and asks for an interview, you should contact a federal criminal defense lawyer before telling the officer anything. Your lawyer will work with your through the entire investigation, advise you if it’s in your best interest to agree to an interview or not, and keep you company during future interviews.

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