Conveyancing Lawyers – Their Role in Real Estate Related Transactions

Conveyancing lawyer assisting the client

The term “conveyancing” translates as the legal work done during the transfer of ownership of a residential or commercial property from one person to another. Since the amount of money involved in such transactions is high, buyers and sellers have to protect their assets as well as finances.

People need conveyancing to ensure that there are no adverse factors to influence the property or the land where it stands. Conveyancing lawyers in Townsville such as Connolly Suthers can help in sorting out issues such as leaseholds, access to utility services, usage restrictions and any other matters that could hinder the ability to complete the transfer.

How a conveyancing lawyer can help

Conveyancing lawyers are not only qualified to do conveyance related work but offer legal services in other areas as well as property related issues. They can contribute to protecting your interests and the future.

Some of the services they can help with are:

  • Wills – to ensure that your property passes on to your heirs.
  • Extending leases – this is important when leases are short. Your lawyer can negotiate an extension on your behalf so that the investment enjoys protection for the long term.
  • Joint ownership – in case property purchased is with another person; you should be able to protect your investment as well as the share in the property. This is especially important when the relationship changes, and the property has to go through sale.
  • Boundary issues – Sometimes it may be unclear where the boundary of the property is and who will pay for fence or wall repairs. Being clear about such an issue will help in dividing repair costs.
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Qualified to assist

Conveyancers and lawyers have to be qualified in their respective fields to handle property related transactions and also be insured so that they can operate in the real estate market. Conveyancing can be complicated, and it is always better to pay the fees and have a professional helping you.

Lenders usually frown upon people who want to handle transactions on their own. Working with a Townsville conveyancing lawyer will protect your interests in the long run while ensuring all the paperwork is correct.