Dealing With Horrible and Terrible Tenants

landlord dealing with terrible tenants

As a basic human need, housing ranks atop of most people’s priority list, and as such, they make every effort to get the best abode. However, the princely asking prices on houses take the option off the table for most families. A report by the Guardian puts the average home price at £217,000.

Such developments make playing landlord a lucrative venture if you own rental units. To make the most of your investment, you need to take a few proactive steps to ensure a smooth experience.

Vet your tenants thoroughly

Steady and consistent income every month is the secret behind the most successful rental property ventures. As such, your rental income ties closely to the calibre of clients you take on. Good tenants remit their rents on time, pose minimal risk to your property and get along well with other tenants.

On the other hand, terrible tenants will withhold rent and even damage your property in addition to being a general nuisance. Carrying out a thorough background check on potential clients helps you eliminate the latter clients and consequently, considerable pain and suffering.

Carry a big stick from the onset

Well, not literally. But you do need to keep the relationship between you and the tenants strictly professional at all times. This means that you need to set policies and systems in place from the get-go. Draft professional rental agreements as well as setting payment systems that address anything and everything.

Cover all loopholes, as some troublemakers are good at spotting and exploiting them. Such measures work in your favour if, and when, you need to evict a rabble-rouser. Despite your best efforts to root out troublesome tenants, some of them manage to slip under your radar.

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In such, instances, you can count on a reliable service such as MS Webb & Co. to supply you with commercial bailiffs to help resolve the issue.

Sometimes, despite their best efforts, property owners often have to deal with tenants from hell, which proves to be significant pain. Having a strict vetting process and excellent management systems will help reduce such incidences.