Defining Wrongful Death in Car Crashes

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Like all the other states, Washington has its laws about wrongful death claims, specifically for car crashes. With the assistance of a car crash law firm in Marysville like Feldman & Lee, one will understand the legalities for such cases allows one to take the legal course of action and set the process in motion.

Defining Wrongful Death

A case falls under ‘wrongful death’ in Washington when the causes of a person’s death include default, neglect or wrongful act of another. This follows the same line of thinking as a personal injury case, but the potential plaintiff can no longer file the case because of his or her death. The deceased may not make a claim, but other people can take their case and bring it to court. In such cases, family members can make a claim and get compensation for losses caused by the death of a loved one.

Wrongful death claims may involve car crashes to product liability to medical malpractice. Persons, agencies, whether government or non-government, and private companies; may be liable and legally at fault, because of their negligent or intentional acts.

Certain differences distinguish a criminal case from a wrongful death claim, some of which are that the state files the criminal case, while survivors of the dead plaintiff bring the case to court on a wrongful death lawsuit.

Who May File for a Claim on Wrongful Death Cases?

Those who can make a claim, also known as ‘real parties in interest’, must file a lawsuit through a representative. Some of the people included in the mentioned party include:

  • The deceased person’s estate representative
  • The children, child or stepchildren, and
  • The wife or husband or the registered domestic partner
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If the deceased does not have any of the mentioned potential representatives above, his or her siblings or parents can make the claim on their behalf. Consult with an attorney to determine the legal course of action to take and gather enough information before moving forward.