Facts About Driving Under the Influence

The Truth about DUI in SpringfieldDriving under the influence is punishable by law. Driving with a minor passenger while intoxicated is a more serious offense, as when it results in injury or death. People accused of DUI have the right to an attorney. Here are other facts about DUI that you should know.

DUI Laws Differ in Each State

It is illegal to drive while intoxicated in all US states. However, the law on DUI is defined differently in every state. There are also some differences in penalties and fines. Therefore, you should hire a Springfield, IL DUI lawyer if you have been arrested in Illinois as he specializes in the state’s DUI laws.

BAC Test Results

The BAC test result matters in a DUI case, although it does not necessarily mean that it is the most reliable evidence. All the states have set the BAC limit to .08% and anything higher is considered a DUI offense. For drivers of commercial vehicles, the BAC limit should not exceed .04%. Minors are considered violators once the BAC result reveals any amount of alcohol content in their system.

DUI with Minor

Driving with a minor passenger while intoxicated is a more serious offense. In many states, it is considered aggravated DUI, wherein it automatically counts as a felony. As this is a more serious offense, the penalties including fines and jail time are altered, and in some cases, plea bargaining becomes an issue.

DUI Expungement

This is a court-ordered process of erasing the DUI conviction from your criminal records. This is possible after you have dealt with the penalties of a DUI conviction and have proven a clean criminal and driving record following the conviction. However, it is not allowed in some states; so ask your attorney about it.

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The law on DUI is intricate and very detailed – plus the fact that it is different in every state. You should get an attorney if you have been charged with DUI/DWI, especially if you are a minor or was driving with a minor.