Temporary Work Visas: Exclusively For Alien Workers

Approved temporary work visas

For employment purposes, visas in the US come in two general classifications, those that allow aliens to work in the country and those that don’t. Temporary work visas come in different types and offer a limited stay. Some require petitions from employers while others can be pursued by alien workers on their own.

Temporary Work Visa: Types and Requirements

The most commonly sought after temporary work visas are the H types, which come in three categories:

  • H-1B Visa – This applies to specialty or professional occupations. Anyone looking to get this visa needs to have a bachelor’s degree and have highly specialized knowledge. Other additional requirements would depend on the exact job nature of the H-IB visa applicant, says an immigration attorney from Buhler Thomas Law, P.C., a reputable law firm in Utah.
  • H-1C Visa – This covers registered nurses.
  • H-2 Visa – This covers agricultural jobs, as well as other areas in which there is a shortage of employees.

Other Types of Temporary Work Visa

Other than the H-type work visas, other common temporary work visas include:

  • R, P, and O Work Visas – The R temp work visa applies to religious workers who wants to work for their religious denomination’s affiliate in the US. The P visa covers exceptional athletes, internationally known and established entertainment groups, as well as athletic teams. While the O visa covers internationally or nationally acclaimed individuals with extraordinary skill in athletics, sciences, arts, education, and business.
  • The L-1 Temporary Work Visa – This covers within company workers, particularly foreign workers who want or have been assigned to work in their company’s US office.
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Temporary work visas play an important role in enabling aliens with special knowledge and skills to work, entertain, perform, or teach in the US. Getting one of these visas is possible when an applicant meets specific requirements. However, since the documentation and procedures needed to get a temp work visa could be long and complicated, it’s best to work with an immigration lawyer who can help streamline the process and increase your chances of getting approved.