Tuesday 23 May, 2017
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Criminal Defense

Federal crime cases are significantly different from state criminal cases. From the investigation procedures to how courts determine the sentencing, every aspect of the federal criminal prosecution system is different. How is a Federal Crime...

By Boniform on Jan 9th, 2017

Once an individual is under arrest of committing a white-collar crime, that person will have to undergo different federal or state charges. Unfortunately for them, the government categorizes most of these charges as grave offenses. This will...

By Boniform on Jan 9th, 2017
Jail System

The preparations for a trial may take weeks or even months before the courts are ready to take your case. It is a lengthy process because the North Carolina justice system has to handle hundreds of cases daily, and there is always a long waiting...

By Boniform on Oct 8th, 2016
Hit and Run in Illinois

Under the Illinois Vehicle Code, an individual involved in a vehicular accident wherein other individuals were injured or property was damaged is legally required to stop driving. They need to survey the scene and exchange relevant details about...

By Boniform on Apr 7th, 2016
Justice System

When you do something wrong, either against a person or a property of somebody else, you may be charged with two different cases. One is a criminal charge and the other is a civil charge. But is this at all possible? Even before you raise your...

By Boniform on Mar 6th, 2016

Grand theft (e.g. stealing $100,000-worth of jewelry) is obviously a serious charge, as it carries serious consequences that can follow you for years. Petty theft (e.g. stealing a $25 shirt), also known as shoplifting, on the other hand, are...

By Boniform on Jan 7th, 2016
Jail System

Can companies be held accountable for any wrongdoing? The very short answer is, yes, they can be charged in court. Unfortunately, compared to individual crimes, corporate crimes are meted out penalties that are often mediocre at best. If you...

By Boniform on Jan 4th, 2016