Tuesday 23 May, 2017
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Death doesn’t mean the end of everything, including your dwelling. It’s common among owners to pass them to the next of kin such as spouses and children. The reality is the inheritance law, especially in Queensland, can be complicated. This...

By Boniform on Apr 18th, 2017
Post-Divorce Life

A lot of people find themselves struggling to reconcile their feelings after a divorce. Everything can feel surreal enough to leave people distraught and damaged as if they were living in another plane of reality. You are not to blame if you...

By Boniform on Jul 26th, 2016
Adoption in Los Angeles

Parenting is one of the many aspects of married life. Being a mother or father to another human being and raising them up is a true joy. Sadly, not everyone is blessed with the opportunity to bear biological offspring. This doesn’t mean...

By Boniform on Apr 28th, 2016