Tuesday 23 May, 2017
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The divorce rate among the American population is particularly high. In fact, nearly half of the married couple ends up divorcing. From irreconcilable differences to spousal abuse and infidelity, many factors are leading down this path. As...

By Boniform on May 9th, 2017

Your time is one of the most important needs of your children. Being there when they need you makes a big difference, especially when your relationship with your spouse gets shaky. While most parents decide to live separately during a divorce,...

By Boniform on Jul 26th, 2016
Post-Divorce Life

A lot of people find themselves struggling to reconcile their feelings after a divorce. Everything can feel surreal enough to leave people distraught and damaged as if they were living in another plane of reality. You are not to blame if you...

By Boniform on Jul 26th, 2016