3 Important Things You Should Tell Your Divorce Attorney

a lawyer explaining the terms of divorce to a couple

Going through a divorce can be a horrible experience. Naturally, you want to be done with it without adding extra stress on yourself. For that reason, it’s tempting to withhold some information from your attorney, so you don’t have to deal with certain realities.

But Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. and most divorce lawyers in Utah would advise that hiding these things from your lawyer is a bad move, as it disempowers them from helping and protecting you.

Character flaws you know about your spouse

Disclosing your suspicions about your spouse can be terrifying for many people going through a divorce. You don’t want to be judged for marrying a person with character flaws. But not telling your attorney about all serious suspicions you have about your spouse can deny you an upper hand in the divorce. You wouldn’t want to risk a spouse you don’t trust getting custody of your kids, would you?

Your current financial situation

Certainly, your lawyer expects to be paid to represent you. But be never worried that they will not help you if you disclose your dire financial situation. Any experienced divorce attorney has encountered clients with financial problems, so you won’t be the first one. Disclosing everything about your finances to your attorney can help the two of you explore a variety of payment options available.

The terrible things you did while married

The vast majority of divorces aren’t caused by one spouse. No partner is a saint, and your attorney knows that. That’s why you need to be candid with your attorney regarding the bad things you did that may have contributed to the failing of the marriage. Hiding such stuff may result in a big downfall when you finally meet in court.

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When working with a divorce attorney, always keep in mind that you are a team. Ensuring that your attorney knows everything they need to know can help them do their best so you come out on top.