3 Ways White Collar Criminal Defense Can Protect You

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In the State of Texas, hundreds of people become involved in white collar crimes – those that professionals in the business and government perpetrate. From deceit to concealment to trust violation, these criminal acts can affect the lives not just of the victims, but their families and friends, too. However, of the many who receive charges, some are actually innocent.

It’s important that you contact a law firm specializing in  white collar criminal defense in Houston following a lawsuit filed against you for any of these allegations:

Identity Theft

The law classifies this as a type of felony crime. The degree varies and depends on the amount of money stolen, as well as the number of times the perpetrator committed the offense.

Identity theft occurs when a person intentionally uses another individual’s personal details to serve his/her financial gain. Many commit this criminal act through stealing banking or credit card information and passing it off as their own. It can also occur when someone uses another person’s identity to apply for a credit card or a loan, and without any intention of paying it back.

Insurance Fraud

This happens when a person files an insurance claim for an accident or event that never happened. It can also occur when a policy holder makes a gross misstatement of the amount of damage just so that he/she can increase the settlement amount.

Like identity theft, insurance fraud is a type of felony.

Credit Card Fraud

While similar to identity theft wherein someone uses another person’s credit card, this specific type of fraud occurs when the use of the card happened without the owner’s permission. Like both previously explained  white collar crimes, this is also a felony, and can come with up to 10 years of imprisonment.

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Proving your innocence in any of these cases may be difficult as they are complex and technical. For this reason, you need to have an experienced white collar criminal defense lawyer who can defend you and prove your innocence as you may face not just high fines, but also extended time in prison.