4 Steps to Undertake After a Motorcycle Accident

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Motorcycle accidents are on the rise by the day, and anyone can be a victim. If you find yourself a victim of it, it’s important to act promptly. Prompt action after a crash makes the insurance claiming process easier to follow.

Moreover, Little Oliver Gallagher PLLC noted that doing so increases the chances of your Oklahoma motorcycle accident attorney winning the case in court. What should you do in the event of a motorcycle accident then?

Call 911

There’s a high possibility of injuries in a motorcycle accident, and you need to call 911. An ambulance will come to the scene and take the victims to the hospital. Also, police will come to the scene to assess the condition, and their report carries a lot of weight in a court case.

Clear the Roadway

Simply because you’re involved in an accident doesn’t mean there are no other road users behind. Remove your car from the middle of the road. If that’s impossible, hazard lights will come in handy to warn other drivers of the situation.

Collect Information and Contact an Attorney

At this point, you can exchange contact numbers and insurance information with the other party. You can also take this chance to talk to witnesses who would be willing to make an appearance in court. Give your attorney a call and ask them to come to the scene.

Do Not Take Fault

Before your attorney, do not say anything to anyone around because not everyone is on your side. Admitting fault fully or partially could have an impact on your claims in court. Let your attorney speak to the concerned parties on your behalf.

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With motorcycle accidents on the rise, you’re in a better position if you know what to do. Having a motorcycle accident attorney by your side will help handle the case accordingly up to the point of compensation.