Are You Guilty, Or Were You Just Framed for that White Collar Crime?

White Collar Crimes Once an individual is under arrest of committing a white-collar crime, that person will have to undergo different federal or state charges. Unfortunately for them, the government categorizes most of these charges as grave offenses. This will be a dreadful circumstance for those who are innocent and will need a reliable white collar criminal defense to fight for them.

The Common Types of White Collar Crimes

There are many types of white-collar crimes and they differ in severity, complexity, and range. For instance, insurance fraud includes Medicaid insurance, medical insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and automotive insurance. Insider trading involving bonds and stocks consist of stock manipulation, hedge fund fraud, and securities fraud.

Mail fraud, wire fraud, computer fraud, tax evasion, embezzlement, bribery, mortgage broker fraud, and identity theft are also white-collar crimes. All of these misdemeanors have the critical goal of receiving a certain kind of financial or economic gain.

The Special Characteristics of White Collar Crimes

The thing about this type of crime is that it can go undetected for several years. This enables white-collar criminals to earn from unlawful practices for a considerable amount of time. In most cases, this happens as a crime of opportunity where most individuals implicated have the expertise. This provides them with the leading hand to conduct difficult transactions that will be hard to the regulators and law enforcement to trace.

The Effect of White Collar Crimes

Certain individuals perceive white-collar crimes as a light crime because it does not involve violence. However, the impact of their felonies can be long lasting and severe for the victims. There are cases when they have wiped out life savings of an individual, while others have retrieved all the hard-earned money of thousands of employees. This often forces firms to file for bankruptcy and the government even reveals that the yearly toll of white-collar crimes is over three billion.

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Being caught in the middle of a white-collar trial without any knowledge or involvement of the serious felony is an alarming situation. Get in touch with your defense attorney as soon as possible to find a way to plead your case.