Be Careful: What to Avoid in Divorce Proceedings

Couple seeing a marriage counselor

Your actions and behaviors during divorce proceedings can affect the result of the settlement. This only makes it essential to carefully consider your moves and avoid things that can turn the court’s decision against your favor. This is true for both your personal and legal actions.

Albuquerque family lawyers share the things you need to avoid during divorce proceedings:

  • Violate court arrangements. When you’re issued with temporary visitation and custody orders, be sure to follow them. Violating those means disrespecting the court and this can negatively affect the final or permanent agreements later on. Your spouse can also report you to the court (especially for repeated violations), and you may face sanctions like fines or jail time.
  • Take vacations (or pursue other life-altering plans). If you have any scheduled trip or vacation at the time of the proceedings, it is ideal to cancel them first. This is because your lawyer and the court will need to get in touch with you attend arrangements and keep the case moving. The same is also true for big moves like switching jobs or changing residence. This can only delay the case and lead to extra expenses.
  • Make irrational decisions. Divorce can make you feel some emotions, but you shouldn’t let those feelings affect your decisions. This can only make the case uglier and more expensive. You, for instance, should not spend more money and effort in fighting for a spatula or any other household item that is replaceable. Work with your lawyer in choosing your battles.
  • Hide or lie about your assets. Nothing beats honesty if you want your case to move along smoothly. Note that the court can be suspicious if you and your spouse provide different information. Also, be sure not to ask friends or others relative to keep an asset or property with the intention of getting it back after the divorce. This can have serious consequences like economic penalties and damaged credibility.
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Don’t let these things compromise your divorce case. Contact a reliable family lawyer to guide you throughout the process and protect your interests.