Bird’s Nest Custody: Making Things Work for the Kids During a Divorce

Kid Covering Ears while Parents are Fighting

Your time is one of the most important needs of your children. Being there when they need you makes a big difference, especially when your relationship with your spouse gets shaky. While most parents decide to live separately during a divorce, you can make the process easier for the kids by entering into a “bird’s nest” custody arrangement.

Divorce is not just about ending your marriage to gain freedom or get a fresh start. You must take into account many factors, including your kids, when making big decisions. Part of your duties is to determine how and where your children will live during and after divorce. Bird’s nest co-parenting allows you and your spouse to fulfill your duties as parents while sorting things out or finalizing other agreements. It gives you the opportunity to spend time with the kids and make the divorce easy on them.

So what is bird’s nest custody and how does it work?

Also called bird’s nesting or nesting, bird’s nest custody is an arrangement where the children stay in the family home and the parents take turns fulfilling their duties. When off duty, you and your spouse may choose among the following:

  • Live in separate areas within the house
  • Find your own living quarters outside the family home
  • Live with your friends, parents, or siblings

The goal of this arrangement is to provide a stable home for children while the parents are finalizing their divorce. There is no need to relocate the kids or decide with whom they will live, making the divorce process less stressful for them. Depending on the situation, you may “nest” for months or even years, provided you and your spouse share financial responsibilities and make decisions that are in the best interests of your kids.

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Is it right for you?

According to experts, bird’s nest arrangement is ideal for parents with minimal conflict, meaning they can communicate respectfully with each other. Entering into this agreement shows that you’re able to put your children’s welfare first. Nesting is also good for their well-being and future. Here’s why:

Their Feelings Matter

Being in a situation where your parents are battling for your custody or the right to make decisions for you is never easy. It’s hard to move in and out of the family home to spend time with one of the parents. With bird’s nesting, you make sacrifices for the sake of your children

Preparing to Nest

When you and your spouse are in good speaking terms, you’re able to come up with better plans for your kids. While nesting is an ideal option, you still need to anticipate some problems and prepare for them. Drafting a parenting plan is easy with the help of an experienced divorce attorney in Long Island, New York.

The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick has been helping clients resolve their family matters for more than 10 years. Our child custody lawyer has the knowledge and experience to guide you on the right path towards protecting the best interests of your children. We will help you create a fair and detailed agreement to avoid complications and legal issues before and during nesting, or even during a divorce.

Going through a divorce involves lot of decision-making. Make sure you’re doing it right; we’re here to help you. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with Attorney Ian S. Mednick.