Birth Injury: When Do You File a Lawsuit?

Birth InjuryEvery parent’s worst nightmare is finding out that their newborn baby has suffered some form of injury during childbirth. While bruising is actually quite common, it’s also a surprisingly common occurrence when the child gets diagnosed with a birth injury.

An injury at such a young age may change your infant’s life, and as a parent, you’re understandably upset. So when do you file a birth injury lawsuit and how do you go about it?

Birth Injury Lawsuit

Once your infant gets diagnosed with a birth injury, it’s important to prepare yourself for a rather lengthy legal battle. While the hospital may send a representative to communicate with you, they will persuade you not to go through with your legal complaint. It’s important to be aware of what you say, as you might unknowingly accept something that nullifies your lawsuit.

It’s also important that you secure the services of an attorney. Many Atlanta birth injury attorneys note that many parents think they can go through with the lawsuit on their own. The hospital or insurance company may persuade you to stop the lawsuit, albeit indirectly. Having a legal professional on your side gives you insight into your options, and they’ll fight to make sure your medical costs get shouldered.

What Do You Need to Gather?

Generally, you’ll need information concerning your infant’s injuries. This includes documents, medical records, and even witness statements from individuals who may have been part of the birth of your child.

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It’s also important that you keep track and save any of the expenses that you may have accrued as a result of your infant’s injury – even before starting the lawsuit – as this can help you secure proper compensation and give you a rough estimate of your future expenses.

Remember that a birth injury lawsuit often becomes a lengthy affair; it is rarely settled in a shorter amount of time. There are birth injury cases that may take years. This is another reason to get an attorney. With a legal professional as part of your ally, the lengthy process is easier to understand and handled professionally.