Career Change: How to Successfully Do it and See it Through

Person Holding a Resume

Have you recently felt incomplete with your current job? Want a change of pace and move on to greener pastures? Before you hand in that resignation letter, here are some tips on managing your career change:

Evaluate Your Existing Job

If you truly want to go, you have to find out exactly what pushed you out of your current workspace. Is it the lack of respect between peers and management? Is it the unsafe environment? Is it the lack of growth? Once you’ve determined the reasons for your dissatisfaction, create a letter of resignation citing why you’re no longer satisfied. This in-depth analysis of your situation will assist you in avoiding the same situations when you’re already looking for a new career path.

Gain a New Skill

If you do plan to leave your job, you might want to learn something new along the way. Not only will this give better options for your future job, you can improve your character as you study something new. You’re in control of deciding what’s practical for your skill set, whether it’s going into employment law certificate courses or criminal investigation training, so choose carefully. Remember that if you’re well-educated in a specific skill and have the passion, you can get paid for it.

Find Money

Changing jobs means you might lose your one source of income until you’re gainfully employed again. You can choose to get a loan, borrow money from someone you can trust, or find a small hobby that lets you work without many requirements while still getting paid for it. There are small businesses that hire part-timers and might need an extra pair of hands. You can also try finding part-time or contractual jobs that are connected to your dream career.

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Work is a serious venture and it can get stressful when its people or environment does not agree with you. Give yourself the respect you deserve and find a way out. After all, your life is still yours to control and change.