Divorce Decree Modifications in Colorado: What Modifications are Allowed?

a couple settling their divorce

The divorce decree would legally end your marriage and would come with particular terms including child custody and support, property division, as well as spousal support.

Although your divorce decree is deemed to be final, you or your ex-spouse could modify it if you or your ex experiences a “substantial change of circumstances”.

But what exactly can you have modified?

Common Divorce Decree Modifications in Colorado

Individuals could pursue different kinds of divorce modifications, but the most common include the following:

  • Child Custody – With this type of modification, you could request a modification of the terms to, for example, obtain more parenting time with your child.

Likewise, you could ask the court to modify the custody order in case your ex, who has custody of your child, is planning on moving somewhere that would make it difficult for you to follow the parenting time or visitation schedule.

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  • Division of Marital Property – Most courts in Colorado allow individuals up to six months following the issuance of the divorce decree to request for a modification.

Do note however that you could petition the court to modify your property settlement order well beyond the six-month deadline if you suspect that your ex-committed fraud.

  • Child Support and Spousal Support – If your financial circumstances unexpectedly change, you could also consider a modification to your child support and spousal support payments. For example, you could request to reduce the support payments because you lost your job.
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Why You’ll Need an Attorney When Seeking a Divorce Modification

One of the most crucial things you need to keep in mind when you’re planning to appeal a divorce modification is that you can’t just talk it out with your ex. Even if you have a great post-divorce relationship with your ex, any modification to a divorce decree must be made through the court to make it official.

Put simply, the court would always have the final say, so work with an experienced family or divorce lawyer to guide you through the proper steps of seeking divorce modifications.