Divorce Mediation: A Stress-Free Divorce

Divorce attorney talking to a couple

Are you at a point in your marriage that you can no longer stay with your spouse and are contemplating divorce? Typically, each of you will have to get a divorce attorney in Long Island, NY to assist in filing a lawsuit. The case becomes like any civil case, with hearings, written requests, witnesses in an attempt to settle the lawsuit. Courts require the parties to sit with their lawyers for litigation before the trial date, which is a costly venture.

But, resolving a divorce does not have to create a dent in your pocket. You can choose to settle your separation using divorce mediation.

The process is a time saver​

Divorce mediation is a quicker and less costly method to resolve marriage separation than litigation. The husband and wife get a divorce mediation lawyer to solve the case instead of each getting a lawyer. The divorce mediation lawyer takes time to hear from the parties about the contested issues, then gathers information and leads the mediation to reach a common ground.

The settlement and next steps​

When the parties in the divorce mediation arrive at a common point, the attorney puts the details of the settlement in writing and both sides sign the written document. If there are unsolved issues in the divorce case, the two parties can choose to file another lawsuit or go through a divorce prove-up; hiring a lawyer to prepare divorce papers and presenting in a court of law.

Long gone are the days that couples used to fight in the courtroom hauling names at each other and tarnishing the image of the other. Although it is not a very popular process, divorce mediation can be an efficient method to solve divorce issues in a cost-effective, private, and mature way.

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