How Do Dads Increase Their Chances of Winning Full Child Custody?

Daughter hugging her father

Male divorcees tend to have a slimmer chance of winning the full custody of their children, partly due to the perception that a mother is the best parent to raise a child during their formative years.

However, The Burnham Law Firm, P.C. says that this doesn’t mean divorced fathers should just give up and let their ex-spouse take care of their children. If you live in Colorado, for instance, a good Denver family attorney may increase your chance of gaining full child custody, as well as other preparations on your part.

Proper Documentation

An accurate paper trail is one way to back up your claim that you are a more suitable parent for your child. From financial assistance to visitation, the documents you provide reflect more than what you say and do in a divorce court. Written proof also prevents you from going back and forth in a “he said, she said” battle with your ex-wife.

As much as possible, be calm whenever you discuss matters like alimony payments with your ex-spouse. Any physical confrontation would work against you in court. Divorce could soon be a more expensive ordeal for the both of you, especially if a proposed tax reform turns into law.

Child Relationship

The most important factor for a judge to rule in your favor involves your relationship with the children. Be ready to present a factual account of how you spend time and treat your child, despite any chances of your ex-wife turning the tables against you. As a court judge ultimately wants the best situation for the child, your chances of gaining full custody depend on whether you prove to be the better parent or not.

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Divorced dads may exercise their rights as a father to take care of their children, as long as they can back up their claims of being a fit parent.