How Much Do SC Residents Spend on Electricity?

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Residents in South Carolina that complained about expensive power bills have a good reason for their worry, as the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) said that electricity in the state cost more than the national average in 2017. notes that if you look at public utility records in S.C., households paid more than $1,700 on average to light their homes. Based on an EIA report, this figure was around $400 more than the average bill in the country and twice as expensive in New Mexico.

No Other Source

The reason behind the high cost of electricity in the state stems from many customers that use no other form of energy. For instance, more than 60% of houses in the South only use electricity, according to the report. This pales in comparison to 16% of homes in the Northeast and 22% of customers in the Midwest that solely rely on electricity.

However, experts said that energy consumption plays another role for the high cost of power in South Carolina. Even if rates are low, the level of consumption such as using air-conditioning between March and October is a factor. The same applies to heaters being used for the rest of the year.

Miscellaneous Fees

While weather conditions force S.C. residents to use cooling and heating, some miscellaneous expenses also influenced the higher cost of bills in the previous year. Jordan McGillis, an energy policy analyst, said that SCE&G and Santee Cooper’s shelved V.C. Summer nuclear project serves as an example.

As of February, SCE&G’s customers still paid around $27 every month for the abandoned project. Santee Cooper’s customers pay roughly $5 per month for the same reason.

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The high cost of electricity in South Carolina should be a reminder for all residents to be more mindful of their energy consumption. How much did you electric bill cost in 2017?