Know the Process: Hiring a Lawyer to Claim Disability Benefits

Person with a DisabilityNobody wants to end up on disability, but if a certain level of misfortune should befall you or a loved one, it is best to know your options and what you are supposed to do at every turn.

This is why you may need to retain the services of Los Angeles disability insurance lawyers. To help you understand what the disability claims process may look like, here is a short rundown along with instances that make your attorney’s role important.

Your lawyer may file the claim for you

If you haven’t done so yet, your lawyer can take on the responsibility of filing your claim for disability benefits. Your lawyer is not your official representative yet. At this point, you need to go through the disability interview and your claim should be filed and received first. Then your lawyer can be your official representative.

Your disability claim has been denied

The reality is that the majority of claims for disability benefits are denied. That’s why you need your lawyer to appeal your case quickly if your claim is denied.

Your request for reconsideration is denied

If your claim application was denied the first time, there may be a high possibility that your request for reconsideration will be denied, as well. If you haven’t hired an attorney at this point, you may be at a loss for options. A lawyer can help you request a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. Be prepared to wait a while before your claim reaches the top of the pile, though. During this time, your lawyer will keep track of your claim. When the waiting is almost over, the court may send your lawyer a schedule for the hearing as well as a list of exhibits. These are the documents you have already filed.

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Your lawyer will represent you during the hearing

Your lawyer may contact you or your medical providers before the hearing to keep updated on your medical condition. Your attorney is tasked to prove during the trial that you are disabled and are in need of the disability benefits.

You can only imagine how difficult it must be to claim disability insurance on your own. This is why you need a lawyer to represent you and improve your chances of getting your benefits.