Maybe, It’s Not Yet Over: Should You Delay Divorce?

Divorce in Denver

Divorce in DenverThe popular expression, “Time heals everything” applies to situations where someone has caused you harm. You may try to wait patiently and let time pass by in an attempt to forgive and forget. It may also apply to unhappy marriages, with couples giving it a second try in an effort to save the relationship.

The latter situation is common nowadays, with unhappily married couples not entertaining the idea divorce. Family law attorneys in Denver, CO note that many husbands and wives choose to delay marriage dissolution, believing that it is not the end of it all.

Hoping to Get Back Together

Even when the marriage is clearly over, many couples choose to delay divorce. This is probably because one partner does not want a relationship to end, hoping that there is a chance that they might get back together. Some, on the other hand, avoid the issue of divorce, as they perceive it as a negative and an unwelcomed change of image.

Thinking About the Family

There are good sides for choosing to delay divorce. Holding on may benefit the kids and the entire family, avoiding issues like a broken family. Reconciliation, of course, is a big issue, as both the husband and wife need to forgive each other or put more effort to make the relationship work.

Not Knowing the Consequences

While there are good reasons for delaying divorce, it also has some serious repercussions. It can negatively affect older kids as they may see their parents hating or ignoring each other. The overwhelming anger and grief can also affect their relationship with both parents. Despite the best intentions in choosing to stay in a failing marriage, it is not always the ideal option.

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The decision to end a marriage should come from both the husband and wife. It may be appropriate to choose divorce when couples have tried everything, but nothing has changed. A loveless, unfaithful pretentious, and unhappy marriage may not be worth saving at all, as it can only give both parties in more pain and suffering.