Motor Accident: Should You File a Claim or Not?

Personal Injury Lawyer in TownsvilleIf you’ve sustained any injury during an accident — whether caused by a vehicle, tram, truck, bicycle, or as an unsuspecting pedestrian — know that under the Motor Accident Insurance Act (MAIA) of 1994, you are legally entitled to receive accident compensation.

Sustaining Minor Injuries

Many people think that because they only sustained a minor whiplash injury from a motor accident, it’s not worth their time and effort to make a claim or there’s no need for them to make a claim.

This is especially true in cases wherein the symptoms begin several weeks after the motor accident. Connollysuthers and other personal injury lawyers in Townsville noted, however, that this shouldn't be the case.

Why You Should Still File a Case

Unfortunately, what seems to be a minor injury after an accident could be a devastating injury as time progresses. For instance, a whiplash injury to the neck or cervical spine could end up leading to recurring muscles spasms, migraines, headaches and other ongoing body aches like restriction in the arms, shoulders, upper back and neck.

Likewise, a jarring back injury or a simple whiplash could lead to long-term issues with the lower back and end up causing mobility issues, such as walking, standing or sitting for prolonged periods. Due to these potential issues, you should never evaluate your injuries by yourself.

You Should be Receiving Compensation

There have been cases wherein the full scope of an injury doesn’t emerge until months or years following and accident, and could even deteriorate in the long run. This could be devastating on your daily tasks and employment. Therefore, it’s critical that you take the necessary steps to investigate your entitlements under the law and protect yourself — even if you think you only have a minor injury. You could be missing out on substantial compensation that can improve your quality of life.

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Other Crucial Points to Consider

Take note that there’s a specific time limit in which the law allows you to apply for a claim. If you missed that specific time window, you won’t be able to make your claim even despite the severity of your injury.

Don’t delay in consulting a personal injury lawyer to aid you in making a case for your claim. Do it right after you had an accident because it can literally save your life.