Preparing Your Kids for Divorce

Conflict between man and woman

Divorce can be a trying time for each member of the family. It takes a heavy toll on the children, too. As parents going through a divorce, you may be thinking about how much you're hurting, and you may be forgetting that the children are witnessing their parents separate. It's a good idea to stop and talk to them about the upcoming changes, to prepare and see how they are doing. 

Have a Talk Over Ice Cream 

Ice cream is a time-tested comfort food not only in Denver, but all over the world. If it is your children's favorite dessert, treat them to a cone or share a tub while going over the details of the divorce. This isn't supposed to be a bribe; it's supposed to be a bonding opportunity. It's your way of giving them a nudge to tell them they are still a valued part of the family, and that won't change. 

Have a Family Day

You may think it's a bad idea to spend time with your future ex-spouse, but for the interest of the kids, do it. It gives them an opportunity to have one final memory of a complete family, and it also shows them that you and your ex-partner are ending things on good terms. Children cope better with divorce knowing that they won't have to choose a side. Even divorce attorneys will warn you against forcing them to do that. 

Meet Their Teachers 

Your children may seem fine at home, but their academic performance may be suffering. Teachers can give you an insight into how the divorce is affecting your child outside of the home. Schedule a discussion to talk about any grade or behavioral changes, and to also inform the teacher about the divorce. 

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Whether or not you win child custody, your role as a parent doesn't end. Always be there for your kids, especially during this trying time.