What Should You Do if You Get Involved in an Uber Accident?

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Uber has been in hot water in the previous months after a road mishap involving its self-driving car killed a pedestrian in Arizona, which led many to question what they should do in case of similar accidents.

Most lawyers would say that it may not be possible to sue Uber for accidents involving their drivers since they’re independent contractors, but there’s still a way to seek damages. In California, the alternatives will depend on the state’s traffic regulations.

Alternative Recourse

If the accident happened in Los Angeles, an Uber accident lawyer should be among your priorities after sustaining injuries or incurring medical expenses from the incident. Uber has a $1 million liability policy that covers accidents for passengers during their trips, and if the driver was at fault.

It can be difficult to establish fault in some cases, so be prepared for the moment when the driver attempts to steer clear out of the situation. Those who still wish to file a lawsuit should direct it to the driver, instead of going after Uber. In case your car collided with an Uber vehicle, you would have to take a different approach.

State Laws

California requires motorists to report car crashes to the state DMV within 10 days of the accident, while you should immediately alert authorities within 24 hours if the accident caused death or injuries. Whether or not you caused the collision, you should contact your insurance provider and let them know preferably within two days.

By reporting it as early as possible, your insurer would have a better chance of defending the claim. Take note that the state also has certain limitations on when you can file a lawsuit.

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It can be complicated to press charges against an Uber driver, especially if you were not a passenger at the time of the accident. However, a lawyer would be your best bet to seek financial or property damages.