3 Reasons Jury Trial Might Not Be a Good Choice for Your DUI Case

Experienced DUI Attorneys in Springfield, Illinois

Experienced DUI Attorneys in Springfield, IllinoisGetting arrest for a DUI doesn’t make you guilty on the spot. Pleading innocent allows you to fight for your right and avoid the possible harsh punishments you might face. As a defendant, you have the right to have your case decided by a jury instead of just the judge. Not exercising this right may be more advantageous to the success of your case, though.

Even the most experienced DUI attorneys in Springfield, Illinois, and any part of America, know there’s no straight answer as to when is the best time to elect for a jury trial. Driving under the influence may be one of the most common traffic violations across the country, but there are instances when a judge can make a better verdict.

Your Defense May Confuse the Jury

DUIs may seem simple, but its defense can be a complicated matter. If your defense would involve explanations of relatively technical or legal terms, some less savvy jury members may not follow and fail to come up with an intelligent decision.

Emotional Appeal May Not Work to Your Advantage

If your strategy centers on police misconduct or other angles that might appeal to emotion, a jury trial can be a better choice. If not, it may be hard to win the sympathy of the jury, no matter how much your defense argument makes sense.

It Could Be Costlier

A jury trial tends to cost more than a bench trial. Apart from being time-consuming, involving the jury in your case create certain expenses, which you would shoulder along with the state. The selection process of the jury members is already relatively costly.

Discussing this matter with your defense attorney is the most reasonable thing to do. Your lawyer would tell you the possible pros and cons of every specific course of action you decide to make.