5 Types of Paralegals You Can Become

Paralegal SpecialtiesIf you have been stuck with a job you don’t really like and deep inside your interest in law is still growing, then a career path that may fit you well is becoming a paralegal. This field is expected to keep growing in the years to come. That’s why the salaries and benefits for paralegals are increasing right now.

Types of Specialties

To become a qualified paralegal, you can simply attend a paralegal school online so you can still work during the morning and take lessons during your free time. Here are different types of paralegal specialties you can choose from.

Corporate Paralegals

Corporate paralegals are needed in corporations to review contracts, find business impropriety, and research about regulations. They make sure the corporation they’re working for doesn’t break state, federal, and other rules to avoid penalizations and lawsuits.

Family Law Paralegals

Family law paralegals serve as a family law attorney’s assistant. They keep documents organized, prepare pleadings, send letters and files to the opposing counsel, and writes correspondence to the court, attorneys, and clients.

Immigration Paralegals

Immigration paralegals work either in a large corporation or law office alongside an immigration attorney. They guide and assist immigrants to prepare various legal documents necessary for petitions, visa applications, political asylum, or deportation.

Real Estate Paralegals

Real estate paralegals guide their clients through the staggering paperwork involved in buying or selling real estate properties. They file and review documents, manage deadlines and schedules, and sustain the relationship between every party involved in the purchase.

Intellectual Property Paralegals

Intellectual property paralegals handle cases that involve intellectual property research, patent or trademark infringement, and copyright applications. They can either work in a government organization, a large corporation, or a law office. They also research about emerging legislation and organize exhibits.

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Having just one specialty can help you keep your focus when pursuing a career as a paralegal. Make sure you’re making the right decision so you can build a strong career from the very beginning.