Construction Defects and its Many Faces

Construction defects typically include deficiencies in furnishing or conducting the planning, design, inspection, supervision, or production of construction work in-house or buildings. This where the liable party failed to construct a structure according to agreed upon workmanship or if a structure doesn’t perform in the way that a buyer reasonably envisioned it to.

In general, courts classify construction defects into four categories — material, design, subsurface, and construction deficiencies.

What are Material Deficiencies?

Using inferior or low-quality building materials could result in significant issues like roofs that leak or don’t function and perform appropriately, even if they were installed properly.

Among the most common issues with subpar building materials are failing flashings, roof shingles, waterproofing membranes, substandard drywall, and particle boards as well as various wall materials utilized in damp or wet areas such in laundry rooms or bathrooms.

What are Design Deficiencies?

These are deficiencies associated without regard for the specified code. One common example is poor roofing design that could lead to obstructed drainage, intrusion, insufficient structural support, and water penetration.

What are Subsurface Deficiencies?

If the foundation of a structure isn’t solid enough, it could lead to cracked floor slabs or foundations as well as other structural damage. This typically occurs if a builder doesn’t properly prepare subsurface conditions, warns one of the top real estate attorneys in Denver.

What are Construction Deficiencies?

Subpar workmanship could result in a wide array of defects. A common example is water penetration due to a poorly made portion of a structure, which could then create the ideal environment for mold development. Other common construction defects include cracked walls or foundations, dry rot, pest infestation, plumbing leaks, as well as mechanical and electrical problems.

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Construction defects could lead to a broad variety of problems that could even result in injury and the main problem with this is that they could likewise go undetected for a long time. Due to this, filing a claim against a liable party for construction defects could be challenging. Consult an experienced real estate lawyer to help you create an effective construction defect claim.