Does your Job Increase the Chances of Going Through a Divorce?

A sad, divorced couple

If you are married and work as a casino manager, your chances of seeing a divorce attorney are higher than any other job in the U.S., according to a survey.

The Census Bureau’s Five-Year American Community Survey showed that gaming managers have a 52.9% divorce rate in the country. Whether it is the party atmosphere or a free-flowing amount of liquor, the nature of this job likely strains a marriage.

Risk-prone jobs

Bartenders work in a similar environment when compared to gaming managers, which is why they have the second highest divorce rate at 52.7%. While these two jobs have the highest divorce rates in the country, statistician Nathan Yau said that it should not be the sole reason for switching careers.

Actuaries have the lowest divorce rate at 17%, but it does not necessarily mean that your marriage becomes safer from a divorce. Even if you decide to quit as a bartender or a gaming manager, Yau believes the probability of a divorce still “says more about the person than anything else.” This could mean that other factors such as your lifestyle and social behavior could also affect a marriage.

Meanwhile, the financial cost of a divorce might be more expensive if a tax reform bill turns into law.

Alimony changes

A proposed bill aims to change the tax treatment for alimony payments. The existing law provides a tax break for paying spouses, while the taxable amount falls under the responsibility of the recipient. If the bill becomes law, the situation will be reversed in an effort to impose a tax penalty for divorce.

If you live in Colorado, you should consult divorce lawyers in Boulder. Approval of the bill remains uncertain, yet it may cost you less to find out how to expedite the process of your divorce.

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If you work as a gaming manager or bartender, it may be better to work out marriage woes especially since alimony may likely be more expensive in the future.