DUI Lawyer Provo: A Local Attorney on DUI Cases and More in Utah

About DUI Cases and More in Provo CityDriving under the influence, commonly referred to as DUI, continues to be one of the leading offenses in many states. At one time or another, people have done it and survived; however, what should you do when you get pulled over by a cop and is summoned to the court for it? What must you do in these situations? When do you know if you can go through the arraignment on your own or with a DUI lawyer in Provo, Utah?

DUI in Utah: Things You Should Know

Just like in any state, Utah has had its own number of DUI cases. Also, there are guidelines and rules that are followed in Utah as well as in other states that one must know in order to proceed carefully during a DUI scenario. For the first offense and no casualty involved on the offender or any bystander, jail time is at least 48 hours; license suspension is up to 120 days and fine along with penalties start from $700. For the second offense, jail time starts from 240 hours and more, license suspension lasts up to two years and fine and penalties are at least $800. For the third offense, you can spend at least 1,500 hours in jail with your license suspended for two years with fines and penalties amounting to at least $1,500.

Blood alcohol content (BAC) in Utah is zero percent for under 21; .08% for 21 or older and .04% for commercial. BAC refers to the amount of drink you may be able to intake and still be able to drive. If you reach higher than the BAC level intended for your age through on-the-spot tests, you can be charged with DUI right then and there.

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In some states, offenders can refuse to take chemical tests. In Utah, everyone with DUI cases must submit to the tests due to their implied consent law. Refusing can automatically subject the offender to a fine and license suspension.

If the offender thinks that the jail time and the missed work cost higher than acquiring the help of a DUI lawyer, it is a practical choice on his part to get legal assistance from one. By having a competent DUI lawyer represent you in the court, especially a local one who knows the nitty gritty of your state laws, you can rest your mind about the case.