Powered by Online Donations, Bernie Sanders Raises $24 Million

Bernie for PresidentVermont senator Bernie Sanders has raised more than $24 million for his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in the last three months. The hefty sum was fueled by an equally impressive amount of online donations, exceeding President Obama’s pace back in 2008.

The Presidential Race

The senator’s advisers announced that the fundraising tally on Wednesday night is closing in on his presidential opponents. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sander’s Democratic rival, had over $28.9 million in cash as of June 30, which was considerably higher than Sander’s previous amount of $12.2 million.

“A short while ago,” Jeff Weaver, Mr. Sander’s campaign manager, explains, “We flew past our goal of one million online contributors to our campaign.”

The Vermont senator’s current count is an impressive feat in itself, almost closing the gap with Mrs. Clinton. The onslaught of online donations, best questions to ask your boyfriend which began at around May, came at a considerably faster clip than President Obama’s 2008 Internet fundraising operation. To compare, President Obama did not pass the million-dollar mark until the Democratic primaries were well under their way during the winter of 2008.

Latest Estimates

Sanders has spent roughly $15 million on his campaign so far. It is a surprisingly large amount considering that he has yet to make traditionally expensive expenditures, such as polling and political commercials, to name a few. In contrast, Mrs. Clinton has been raising money rather aggressively, boasting ten times as many events with donors.

Bernie Sanders

Image Courtesy of Marc Nozell

The Vermont senator’s advisers say that most of his spending went to the online fundraising operation, as well as hiring staff. Currently, Bernie Sanders has 49 paid workers in Iowa, 43 in New Hampshire, 21 at Burlington, VT where his campaign headquarters is, and 27 elsewhere.

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Mr. Sanders’ online campaign has also paid for a direct-mail program that is set to reach potential supporters and donors, and to rent areas and large venues in major cities for his larger campaign rallies.

September 30 was the final day of the fundraising financial quarter – an important deadline for the presidential candidates’ political fundraising. By mid-October, Mr. Sanders’ camp will release a full record of his campaign spending that will be heavily scrutinized either as a sign of strength or weakness.

Mr. Sanders currently has over 650,000 contributors, considerably more than Mr. Obama had at the comparable point during that campaign cycle. Despite this, it is still unknown how instrumental this sudden surge of support will be for the Vermont senator and whether it is enough to compete with the other financially stronger presidential candidates in the race.