What is Legal Recruitment? Tips Included!

Get a Job through Legal Recruitment in SingaporeCongratulations, bar passer! Now that you are an attorney, you may already be receiving calls from “headhunters” or legal recruiters. No matter what you have heard about it, legal recruitment can actually help you.

The Headhunters

Briefly, legal recruitment helps you get into the jobs or the law firms that you want. They also help you with your resume, prepare you for your upcoming interviews, and negotiate your compensation package. They are also knowledgeable about the cultures and situations inside law firms. They can then advise you which firms you fit into and which firms are best avoided.

The Market Growth

Should you work with a legal recruitment agency? It may be for the best if you do. An article from Asia Law Portal details that as law firms have started to pop up all over Asia, the legal recruitment market has grown as well. You can take advantage of this if you are an attorney from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other Asian countries.

The Job Search

Now, if you plan on working with a legal recruitment agency, you can consider the following tips from LegalLabs.com. First, you can still search for jobs on your own at the same time that your legal recruiter is looking for a job for you. Diversifying your search increases your chances to find jobs.

The Agency of Choice

Choosing the headhunter you are comfortable with can help too. You can choose one that has been referred to you, or one that you deem as a good agency. When choosing an agency though, you can ask the staff in the agency if they practiced law or are a JD. Fellow lawyers in the recruitment firm assures you that they know what they are doing.

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A final tip is to be open and honest about your preferences and goals in law. Your recruiter is not your employer. You can be candid with them. In that way, they can help you better in finding the perfect firm.